About Us


Hello beautiful! Welcome to Whimsy Boutique!
I'm Kim, the owner, and I'm just over the moon that you stopped by to learn a little more about this very special boutique. 
My love for fashion started when I was a small girl, and my grandmother definitely had a lot to do with that! She was a businesswoman who loved fashion, and I wanted to be just like her. Some of my best memories are staying with her while I was in college, and we would hit the shops every weekend, looking for more fanciful bits and pieces! 
Today I channel my passion into Whimsy Boutique, and I love helping my clients find beautiful, quality items to add to their wardrobes. 
My husband came up with the Whimsy name because (according to him!) I'm a bit whimsical! But hey, what's wrong with that, right? At least I'm never boring!
Thanks for getting to know me - I can't wait to return the favor!
Enjoy your shopping!