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Recherch'e - Shaving Pucks

Recherch'e - Shaving Pucks

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Shaving Pucks

Our shaving pucks are nicely slick with a high glycerine content. They easily lather into a creamy head with great staying power when using both natural and synthetic brushes. 


This puck is Bristle and Blades take on an old-time barbershop. Very masculine and woodsy, this scent profile starts off with notes of bay leaf and douglas fir, mingling with middle notes of spicy bergamot, and ending in cedarwood and tobacco leaf base notes. This is sure to please the masculine nature. 


This puck is a classic scent with a modern twist. It is old school barbershop brought into the 21 century. Tops notes of bergamot and a light citron lemon, fall into middle notes of lavender, and crips green accord, with strong base notes of cedarwood and amber. This is a unique and very masculine scent formula. 


Straight Razor

Strop Worthy

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